Araba Bioscan

Araba Bioscan 20-27 November 2020 (New location)

Data for the period 20-27 November 2020

See the Araba Bioscan Project page for background information on the project and methods.


This was the first week running a Malaise trap at the new location selected for the remainder of the project. It was operated in parallel with the original Malaise trap (just 10 m further north). For the results from the original trap, see Araba Bioscan 20-27 November 2020 (Original location).

The new position is slightly higher up a slope and less screened by vegetation on the lower side. Differences in air movements and sight lines presumably contributed to such a massive discrepancy in insect volumes.

Termites swarmed on Saturday 21 and Sunday 21 November and were well represented in both traps. The new trap however caught much greater biomass and many more species, particularly Diptera and Hymenoptera. A selection of the more conspicuous or striking species are illustrated.

Sample images

Sample for 20-27 November 2020
ArabaBioscan 2020-11-27 New Location