Araba Bioscan

Araba Bioscan 6-13 November 2020

Data for the period 6-13 November 2020

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It was much warmer than last week and this was reflected in a greatly increased number of insects in the Malaise trap, particularly gelechioid moths. Philobota cretacea Meyrick, 1884 was noted last week as recorded for the first time at the site despite years of recording moths at light. This week, two more were collected.

I have photographed a selection of flies, including three separate Muscoidea. These vary in size, wing markings and leg colouration. Images 3a, 3b, 3c and 4 illustrate two individuals of a larger species of Muscidae with wing spots. Images, 5, 6, and 7 show three individuals of a smaller species of Muscidae with plainer wings and yellow tarsi. Based on material in BOLD, this seems to be a common species widely collected and clustered as BIN BOLD:AAU5065. Images 8a and 8b illustrate an individual apparently of Anthomyiidae with plain wings and orange-brown front femurs. Thanks again to tony_d on iNaturalist for assistance with these flies.

The collecting medium was 95% isopropyl alcohol.

Sample images

Sample for 6-13 November 2020
ArabaBioscan week ending 2020-11-13

Environmental measurements

Sunrise and sunset sourced from Sunrise-Sunset and relate to the listed date. All other measurements are calculated for the 24-hour period to 09:00.

Date7 Nov8 Nov9 Nov10 Nov11 Nov12 Nov13 Nov
Mean temperature (°C)13.813.714.516.218.921.617.4
Max temperature (°C)23.224.923.225.328.329.822.7
Min temperature (°C)
Mean humidity (%)70.863.463.765.164.155.686.2
Max humidity (%)
Min humidity (%)
Mean soil moisture (%)29.228.627.229.729.829.031.5
Max soil moisture (%)
Min soil moisture (%)
Mean relative pressure (hPa)1018.21025.21027.51024.61020.51014.51009.0
Max relative pressure (hPa)1021.41029.41029.11028.31024.41020.01012.5
Min relative pressure (hPa)1015.91021.51025.61022.81018.81010.91006.5
Mean absolute pressure (hPa)940.8947.8950.1947.2943.1937.1931.6
Max absolute pressure (hPa)944.0952.0951.7950.9947.0942.6935.1
Min absolute pressure (hPa)938.5944.1948.2945.4941.4933.5929.1
Daily rainfall (mm)
Sunshine hours8.
Max solar radiation (W/m2)955.41023.91027.6975.0950.5954.21004.3
Max UV index9999999
Mean wind speed (km/h)
Mean wind direction325.1128.8118.7340.8318.5319.5316.6
Max gust (km/h)18.411.211.29.413.022.020.2