Araba Bioscan

Araba Bioscan 23-30 October 2020

Data for the period 23-30 October 2020

See the Araba Bioscan Project page for background information on the project and methods.


This was the first week of sampling in the Araba Bioscan Project, using 95% isopropyl alcohol as the collecting medium. A sensor for temperature and humidity was attached to the Malaise trap part way through the week, along with a soil moisture sensor immediately under the trap. Barometric pressure is measured about 10 m away and other environmental measurements will be collected in subsequent weeks.

Spring has been wet here in Canberra, following a number of years of low rainfall. The surrounding woodland is currently full of flowers, including very large numbers of tiger orchids (Diuris sulphurea R.Br.).

The Malaise sample included a surprising number (to me, at least) of springtails (Collembola).

The only neuropteran species captured was the common brown lacewing (Hemerobiidae) Micromus tasmaniae (Walker, 1860). All four individuals of this species are illustrated below.

Thanks to tony_d on iNaturalist for the identification of Sphenella ruficeps (Macquart, 1851) and other flies.

Sample images

Sample for 23-30 October 2020
Araba Bioscan 23-30 October 2020

Environmental measurements

Sunrise and sunset sourced from Sunrise-Sunset and relate to the listed date. All other measurements are calculated for the 24-hour period to 09:00.

Date24 Oct25 Oct26 Oct27 Oct28 Oct29 Oct30 Oct
Mean temperature (°C)-----13.413.7
Max temperature (°C)-----19.223.9
Min temperature (°C)-----8.29.3
Mean humidity (%)-----80.080.0
Max humidity (%)-----97.096.0
Min humidity (%)-----50.058.0
Mean soil moisture (%)-----26.026.0
Max soil moisture (%)-----31.027.0
Min soil moisture (%)-----24.026.0
Mean relative pressure (hPa)-----1016.71012.1
Max relative pressure (hPa)-----1020.71014.6
Min relative pressure (hPa)-----1014.71010.8
Mean absolute pressure (hPa)-----9939.39934.7
Max absolute pressure (hPa)-----9943.39937.2
Min absolute pressure (hPa)-----9937.39933.4
Daily rainfall (mm)-----8.00.0
Sunshine hours-------
Max solar radiation (W/m2)-------
Max UV index-------
Mean wind speed (km/h)-------
Mean wind direction-------
Max gust (km/h)-------

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